5 ways to improve your thinking ability and to become a POSITIVE THINKERS.


In present situation, all the employers need a candidate who is having a positive thinking. I also heard this word from my professors and trainers during my academic, heard from my superior and top management people.  

When we talk about positive thinking, you should also understand the meaning of Negative thinking rather than positive thinking. Because, sometimes positive thinkers will required to work in a negative approach in order to create a situation which leads to success. I am going to share few tips about positive thinking, and the ways to improve it in this blog.  


In simple words, positive thinking is nothing but one having a mental attitude in which he/she expect good, an expected results, or favorable results from their task or any situation. In order to achieve favorable or expected results, people should create thoughts that make and transform your actions into reality. Be remember, positive thinking will boost your energy levels and make you healthier always.


Positive thinking will boost your energy levels and make you to think about your destination where you want to go. It works internally within you, and keep you posted about your actions (past, present and future).


People do not have any standard ways, rule to improve positive thinking. And you need not to study 1 year course or other programme to improve your thinking. It completely varies from person to person and it depends on how they brought up, grew up and their network. Even I still learn from my superior/leader, Managing Director, an adviser and my parents.  

As I mentioned above, positive thinking is a mental attitude of a person. However, motivation is a vital part when you need to improve your thinking ability. Hence, you should have self – motivation.

There are few people will go to attend soft skill training classes, other training related to motivation and they may spend a lot of money in order to build their career. The purpose of attending training is to bombard yourself and make you to think in a positive way with self-motivation.

Note: The person who does not have a self-motivation, he only required motivation by others. If you do not have self-motivation, then you might not have any dreams in your mind/life. If you spend much on training, classes, nothing will help you finally.

I have explained about the ways to improve our thinking ability in this blog based on my own experience.


1. POWER OF VISUALIZATION Visualization is nothing but always having a mind setup how you want to show yourself to others. It may be during your talk, discussion, sharing your views with others, asking questions and etc. Everyday think you are good and confident communicator, you are presenting a paper/ or sales presentation or delivering a speech in front of 1000 people, all the messages has reached to receiver. All the people are expressing claps on you about your speech. Think you have achieved something in the world before going to bed all the days. Your parents are proud on you and they are telling about you to your relations about your life journey. Your parents are very happy now. Be remember, you should not allow your conscience to be in situation to grow or develop yourself as Egotist character. Think always positive.

2. PUT SOME POSITIVE PRESSURE ON YOURSELF – Have some pressure on your mind. When there is no pressure on your mind/head, you will not achieve anything. For example, if your are sales person take ownership of the products which has been assigned by your company in a particular region, if you are Financial adviser take all the responsibilities and necessary steps to grow wealth of your clients. When there is pressure on your head, you will achieve 100% of results. Try to keep some pressure on your mind and announce it to family members or friends or colleagues and also tell them how you achieved later. And think everyday 10 times how to achieve your goals with positive efforts.


  • Write down your dreams/goals on a plain white paper, collect some pictures related to your dreams. For example, if you are having a dream of buying/constructing 3 BHK luxury flat, I want to construct a duplex villa with AC rooms, car parking, garden, out house and etc, want to buy a Car, I want to give good education to my child, want to achieve retirement corpus of X amount financial position. Write down all these goals on a paper and start to collect 3BHK housing floor plans or images, workout on your plan and keep it in separate notebook till you realize your goals. 
  • Read your goals and remember thrice every day before going to bed and after wake up from your bed.
  • Set a particular date (normally future date as DD/MM/YYYY) when you want to achieve those dreams in your life.
  • Review your goals once in 6 months and list out separately which is more priority than other goals.  

4. FOLLOW THE 21 DAYS GOLDEN RULE –If you do anything or practice continuously for 21 days, it becomes your habit in your life unless you force by yourself to stop or postpone it. This 21 days golden rule will automatically induce your sub conscious and forces you to think in a positive way. You can able to identify a lot of differences within yourself Post 21 days if you practice it well manner. Additionally, do meditation for 10-15 minutes every day. Spend 5 minutes for Power of visualization before going to bed and in the morning. Don’t give up yourself to stop this practice during 21 days.

5. ENJOY THE PROCESS –Always enjoy with your process and don’t postpone at any of your work. You may be in a situation to postpone this practice, but restart this practice once you back to normal situation. Always feel, “You enjoy your Practice rather than doing & your performance”. If you feel the fear, you just do it and do not stop your journey anywhere”. Never be afraid of your life. Life will give you more and more complex situations and good opportunities to tackle all the situations and lead you to success in your life.  

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Even I would like to learn from you.



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