Commitment is the beginning of your Success

Are you committed to your own success? Before you can start your own personal journey to success you have to ask yourself this one question, “Am I committed to the task?” You see many of us and including myself have a desire to succeed in life but soon after we begin we automatically stop. Why? Because we were not committed in our own thinking. It is vital that you flood your mind with positive thoughts, listening to motivational audiobooks or watching videos to help keep your on track. You have to remind yourself why you are pursing success. I will continue to press this subject of the transformation of your mind as much as I can because if you are not committed within your own mind you will soon find failure and defeat when it comes knocking on your front door.

Every successful entrepreneur has had a face to face meeting with failure, defeat and doubt. Even I have meet them face to face. Honestly, there some days I don’t feel like writing these blog posts or keep posting inspiring messages on social media. But I have to look deep down inside of myself and press on because this website is for all of you who are seeking information on how to succeed. This task that I have taken on is for the greater of my community and my fellow Americans. Many of us believe that success is not for us but it is. When you get an idea for a business or a product do not just throw in the towel and give up. If you do, YOU ARE A LOSER. Plain and simple. I want you to know that you can do it. Stay the course and be committed. Remember success is not just for you but for your family and your community. Society depends on you to succeed. The only way you will ever see your dreams come true is if you stay committed. From the start to finish, you must stay focused on your goals.

Right now I am staying committed to starting my own small business helping other small businesses within my community succeed online with digital marketing. I have experience with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Instagram, utilizing Google Analytics and tracking my online progress. I have a skill that I can contribute to my community and I can use my talents to build wealth. My first financial goal is to save $100,000 and invest that into a tangible asset and my business goal is to help 10X the online presence of a small business. I know that I can do it because I am committed. If I allow defeat to enter my thoughts then I will give into the very thought of failure and then I will fail at my task to help someone succeed. I cannot and you cannot allow someone else’s opinion to become your reality. Do not let people’s opinion of your goal stop you from being committed. Protect your mind at all times and stay committed at all times. Remove that person from your life if you have to. It doesn’t matter if they are your family or best friend. If they truly are behind you then they will support you all the way.

So what can you do to stay committed? Well first you have to make a decision. Do you want to succeed? If that answer is yes, then you are on your way to success. Everything in life requires that you make a decision. My second recommendation is to remove all people that have a poverty mentality. This is people who have a mediocre approach to life and they quit early on at anything that comes their way. They find that doing the minimal at their job is all that is required. Having a good attitude is far from them and they treat others with disrespect. This is a defeated mentality because doing the average and having poor customer service is what will keep you poor. Going above and beyond at your job is what will keep you ahead of the game because you are giving your all. Thirdly, turn off the news and all social media. There is so much negativity in the world that it can bring you down and get you off your goal. Fourthly, read and listen to anything that will inspire, educate and motivate you to staying focused. By doing this, the information you feed your mind will help you to stay faithful to complete what you need to get done. All that I recommended here is just the beginning of your long journey, but I practice these on a daily basis.

In conclusion, you need to stay committed to your dreams and goals. Do not and I repeat do not allow people’s opinions of you become your reality. Protect your mind at all times and remember why you started. Remember your family depends on you and so does your community.



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